Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my sons, Scott, Chris and Ian, and to all of you who can proudly be called fathers.  Being a good parent… a father… is a responsibility that should not be entered into lightly. That responsibility includes loving, caring for, disciplining, educating, protecting and teaching responsibility, patriotism, becoming self-sufficient and defending the principles upon which this Nation was founded.

Being a good father is much more than providing a sperm. However, in today’s society, many apparently feel that’s all it takes…. and they are right, if the father’s caring for, love, discipline, teaching and responsibility peters out shortly thereafter… that’s all it takes to start the ruination of our once great nation.


Thanks to all good fathers.  Shame on you losers… you poor, irresponsible fathers, because IF you miss the pride of being a good father, then you have missed the greatest pride of all. The parents of today decide and determine the future of tomorrow through our children. I’m proud of my three sons, and even more proud that they are better fathers than I was for them. Happy Father’s Day to all deserving fathers.  Follow Jeffress.com, comment & share if you like. Thanks.

Happy Father's Day, He Blieved in Me-02

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