Today was a special day for Israel

Today was a special day for many people in the World, mostly Christians and especially Jews. A promise to move the USA Embassy, passed by Congress in 1995, during the Clinton Administration was fulfilled today as the Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  This not only fulfilled President Trump’s campaign promise, but that of his three preceding presidents.

In 1995 the United States Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which mandated the United States Israel Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem.  Yet, for 23 years every United States president has signed a waiver to delay the move of the embassy.  

However, because of continued pressure from Christians in several nations, President Trump has made a different decision than past presidents. He has chosen to uphold the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 and today the United States Embassy is officially opening in Jerusalem!  This move is extremely important and exciting to Christians because of what scripture teaches us.

Israel is a nation created not by man but by God. The Lord gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his offspring in an everlasting covenant (Psalm 89:28-37). Genesis 12:2 God says to Abraham, “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.”

Israel is the birthplace of our Christian faith. Jesus Christ a Jew came first for His people, then for the Gentiles (Romans 1:16). The Jewish people gave birth to our sacred scriptures, the prophets, the disciples, and apostles. One only has to walk the streets of Israel to see scripture come to life in the Holy Land.

Israel is a beacon of freedom and prosperity in the midst of a difficult region of the world.  Israel is often viewed as a tethered, snarling tiger threatening those who venture too near.  They are a nation roughly the size of New Jersey, yet Israel draws the attention of the world because it is the birthplace of our faith. 

I changed my opinion on the over-aggressiveness of Israel when I was there a few years ago.  A enemy missile blew up the bridge, which our van would have crossed about two minutes later.  I then realized, that missiles could attack and hit anywhere in Israel and particularly in Jerusalem (City), which is about the same size as Manhattan Island, NYC.  It reminded me of my time in the “Green Zone” in Iraq, knowing that I was supposedly safe, but could be hit at anytime.

Today’s action was just a symbolic move to some, who thank God for this historic and exciting day to see the United States standing with Israel!  To others, it’s a kick to the crotch of their Islamic ideologies and Israel will still, and maybe forever, have to defend against aggression.

Simul nos firmiores.

180514- Today Jerusalem Become USA Embassy

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