Did You Watch The State Of The Union Address?

How many of you watched the State of the Union address tonight? I think that President Trump covered his (our) accomplishments and actions currently being taken or planned in the near future very well. He stayed away from negativism and criticism, introduced several persons for their heroic actions and outlined his plan for America’s immediate future.

I was disappointed but not surprised to see that nearly all on the Democrat’s left side of the isle sat somberly with no applauding except in few instances where others were be praised for their heroic actions. Some just sat there and talked among themselves while many others decided to boycott the President’s address. Poor old Nancy Pelosi obviously didn’t want to be there. She sat there as if she was in terrible pain… as if she was totally constipated and wanted to go but couldn’t (See photo below)

Rep Joe Kennedy III gave the Democrat response / rebuttal, with his version of how to “Make America Great Again” (he didn’t use those words), recommending open borders, let all in who want to come; No qualification controls, Take more from the rich to enhance the poor; Diminish our military strength and just stay out of war, no matter what; Criticized Trumps comments on MS-13 Gangs; And to continue Obama’s spending as if money grows on trees. They both spoke of their hopes for America, but disagree on who should be let in, how to make America great again and how to pay for it.

Nancy Pelosi Druing SOTU Address

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