As the 9th Year of the Obama Regime Concludes…

As the 9th Year of the Obama Regime Concludes…

As the 9th Year of the Obama Regime Control concludes… and the 1st year of the Trump Administration draws to a close, “We, the People” of America are wondering what the hell happened to the America we used to know? Even though President Trump has made some progress and is trying to keep his promises, the liberal Democrat regime are “shooting him in the foot” every step he takes. It is no doubt hard for President Trump to keep his campaign promise and “Drain the swamp, when he is constantly up to his ass in alligators.”

One of the very few things that I think Obama did well was to fill the swamp will alligators. He quietly, and with the media’s help, put his “own people”… his New World Order liberal leaders and followers in office, and ensured that it would take time and be difficult to replace them all.

And now, along with a disappointing and dysfunctional Congress; Racism at it’s worst in a half a century; The almighty NFL exhibiting disrespect for our Nation; Hollywood showing hate for Trump and all who support him; And the liberal media broadcasting that Trump can do nothing right, it certainly makes progress and promises difficult. Obama rid the swamp of all he didn’t like and the media was quite. Trump fires someone and the media makes it out as a crime.

Now, in less that 3 hours, the government may… or may not… shutdown. Either way, the Democrats win and the Republicans loose. That’s just the way it is, and what pisses me off the most is… the very same A-Holes… (Congress) who are the problem will get paid as they always do, but our soldiers, and many others and their families, will go without pay… at least temporarily. Even a temporary pay stoppage for a soldier’s spouse may be a big problem. But those in Congress, “your high paid employees,” who are sworn to look out for you… there are hardly any of them who couldn’t survive the rest of their lives even if they never received another pay check. Most in Congress have more “in the bank,” than the average university/college graduate will make in his or her lifetime. Think about it. Doesn’t that piss you off also?

Call, email or write to your employees… your Congressmen, and tell them what you think.

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*"Up to you ass in alligators"


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