How Many Of You Know The Truth?

How many of you really know the truth… the whole truth? Don’t all raise your hands at the same time. Let’s consider for a few moments the most challenging and disputed solutions which our USA government shutdown tomorrow evening depends on. The Truth may not set you free, but it may cost you less… if you use it to your advantage.

Don’t you feel emotionally bad for those poor, innocent children born here in the USA, maybe even conceived here, by undocumented parents who illegally entered the USA from another country, Mexico, Central American countries or other nations? Our laws state that a child and parents (or anyone) entering the USA illegally has no automatic right to residency and citizenship. However, a child born on American soil can automatically become a citizen.

Three quarters of the children of “undocumented immigrants” were born here and are citizens. The media tells us that there are currently between 700,000 and 1,200,000 children here who we refer to as “Dreamers.” Estimates are normally from 2 or 3 years ago, so unless you dig for current information, you will see less. So, let’s call the current figure 1,000,000.* In addition, the DACA program protects about another 800,000 who have been in the US since 2007 and came before the age 16 and those who were under the age 31 on 15 June 2012, when DACA went into effect.

Now, let’s consider the innocent “Dreamer,” born here by illegal parents. The Dreamer is a citizen, but not his parents. They are illegal aliens. So, do we allow the child to stay, but deport his parents and siblings who entered illegally? Or, because the child born here is a citizen, do we allow the rest of the family to stay, so as not to split up the family. They average Hispanic family size entering the USA is five, although average family size is diminishing. Still, using this statistic, it means we are probably not talking about one million (*see above), but really 4 to 5 times that many. No loving American (well, maybe a few) is going to demand splitting up the families of these “Dreamers.”  The “Truth” is, almost 6 Million are involved in total counting Dreamers, DACA and Family.

Why do agriculturists, manufacturers and other businesses love “Illegals?” Because they can get by with paying them less. I mean… what’s an illegal worker going to do… complain? So, we let illegals in, hire them (illegally) and then become criminals ourselves by paying them shabby wages while working them beyond conditions acceptable to legal workers.  Shame!

This is a separate and important issue to be resolved, but should have no bearing on funding the government to avoid a shutdown tomorrow night. I will be tremendously happy if someday: 1- Our government officials will agree to live by the same rules and standards they impose on the rest of us ordinary citizens whom they are sworn to serve; and 2- They will write and vote on bills… legislations, which pertain to singular or similar situations and not complicate and confound the issues. I realize that both are unlikely, since they have been “tagging-on pork” to every donkey and elephant bill for decades, but they are just getting better at it now… and getting fatter. For example: How did Nancy Pelosi accumulate a net worth of over $196 Million on a salary of $193,400, which was less than half that when she was first elected in 1987. The “wicked witch of the west,” through “insider trading,” and taking advantage of her “privileged position” and sucked the blood out of so many, like other “Poly-Ticks” e.g., Obama, have done over the past decades.

At a recent meeting, I had the opportunity to ask a past US Senator from here in South Carolina, if he thought the Government would every live by the same standards them impose “We the People”… the “Little Guys,” and he smiled and said, “Richard, you are a Dreamer.” I guess he is right… I was born here, but my family immigrated here in 1623.

IF you can find a few free minutes in your busy day to write to your “Employees,” those you voted in to serve you in Washington, DC, and in your State capital, and let them know what you expect from them, I urge you to do it. You should keep in touch with your “employees” often who are sworn to serve you. Let them know how you feel and if they don’t meet your expectations, let them know that you will “hire” someone else to represent you next election.

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