Happy New Year 2018

May we each have the wisdom and courage to take the “Giant Leap” from 2017 to 2018 to be a part of making our Nation and the World a better, happier and safer place to live.

May 2018 be a Blast ! Hmmm, Let me rephrase that. May we be blessed in 2018 with good health, love and happiness, peace, security and success that we so much want and deserve, and…

May Chaos be replaced with Peace & Harmony; Common Core with Common Sense; Political Infighting with Political Responsibility; Pestilence & Terrorism with Peace & Tolerance; Greed & Blasphemy with Godliness and Fear & Frustration with Faith & Freedom.

May 2018 put God back in our Schools; Common Sense back in our Minds, and America and all that it once stood for back in our Hearts. May these hopes, prayers and principles eventually give us Resolution instead of the Revolution we fear. Happy New Year to you all.  The Jeffress Group… Jeffress.Com

*NY 2018, A Giant Leap from 2107 to 2018

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