Hey Boss, Cut My Pay

Have you ever gone to your boss and said, “Hey boss, me an my SO (significant other) are spending way too much, so please cut my pay so we can’t spend so much. If we do go over, we’ll just borrow like we’ve been doing for the past few years.”

Really now… tell the truth… have you ever done that? Or, maybe you decided to cut back on your expenditures so you could live within your means. Make sense?

Well, if you have been listening and watching the news lately, Big Brother… no, not yours… I mean everyone’s… the “Government” is talking about cutting taxes. Tax is income, and I’m all for cutting my hard earned dollars going to my greedy, inefficient government, but I think we should talk about cutting EXPENSES, reducing inefficiency and unnecessary redundancy; eliminating the “clinging vines” and draining the swamp where necessary… Not just talking about cutting taxes (Income) and how beautiful it will be. Geeze… we’re already $20.677 Trillion in debt when I checked a few minutes ago. See–> http://www.usdebtclock.org/

I hope some of our “employees,” our Senators and Congressmen, who we elected and sent to Washington, DC, to represent us and look out for us, those whom they swore to serve will do so.  I hope they will get off their dead Donkey and out from under the Elephant, admit that President Trump actually is President, start working together to “Make America Great Again,” rather than continuing the great divide that has been created over the past decade.

About the House and Senate’s version of the Tax Reform Act, I don’t like either plan as it is now, but I think that there are good parts in both and than IF they would just get together, they could come up with cuts in expenditures, cuts in taxes, simplification of the tax code, and have a plan that they could be proud of and helpful to us. Now that would be beautiful.

I’ve always believed that if I was going to complain about something or pose a problem, that I should do something about it, suggest a solution, not just complain.  So, to that end, I will issue my “Jeffress Tax Reformation Proposal,” either later today or tomorrow. I have revised it by reducing the “comments” (it’s still long) and maybe get by with no death threats like I got when I submitted it a month ago. Halloween was not good for me this year. Follow and look for my Tax Plan, and comment if you like… but no threats this time. Cheers. Jeffress.com

Drawing credit to Randy Glasbergen, glasbergen.com

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