Memorial Day is a day for remembering the ~850,000 soldiers who have been killed in combat defending our freedom and way of life.  We Americans joyfully wish each other “Merry Christmas,” and “Happy New Year,” but what do we say on Memorial Day?  I think it’s a day to remember those who gave their lives and to be thankful for them and for their families who have suffered.   I think we should never forget the sacrifice they made so that the liberties and principals upon which our Nation were founded and the opportunities, peace and prosperity, that we now often take for granted, are sustained. 

May God bless America, our Military and all worthy people everywhere, and may He guide our leaders, to do what is right for We The People, not just for themselves,  so that we may become the proud Nation we once were.  Each stone in the photo below is for a brave person who made the ultimate sacrifice for us so that we might live in peace.  Let’s give it try and do our best to return peace and greater happiness to our great Nation.  Thanks for reading this.

Arlington National Cemetary-2

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