Congrats to the New England Patriots Super Bowl Champs

Congrats to the Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots, Owner Robert Kraft, Coach Bellichick, 5 times Super Bowl winner QB Tom Brady, James White and the whole team for an almost unbelievable comeback against the apparent dominant Atlanta Falcons in the final minutes of the game. If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Matt Ryan, Falcon’s QB probably said it best, “There are no words.”

The Falcons had dominated during most of the game. White, #28, scored 3 touchdowns from Brady and getting the ball on/across the line at 3’58” in OT was amazing. Inches make a difference when checking a youngster’s growth, the length of your nose or other body appendages, and certainly when the knee is only inches off the ground when the ball crosses the line.

I even watched the half-time show, which is unusual for me. Lady Gaga and her crew of dancers certainly burned a lot of calories with one of the most “Gyrastic” (if that’s a word… it is now) performances I’ve ever seen. It was spectacular, loud, but no offensive politics or wardrobe malfunctions requiring the drones to attack, so I was grateful…. Thanks Pepsi and the NFL.  My congratulations to two great teams.

NE Patriots James White Scores to Win SB#51

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