We Have A “New Sheriff In Town”

Today, We say “Goodbye” to President Barack Obama, his family and administration and say “Welcome” to our new President, Donald J. Trump, his family and his future administration. May President Trump be a strong and decisive leader, yet a kind and magnanimous person, a persuasive negotiator, but receptive to the needs of others.

If “We The People,” are understanding and united in our faith, hope, purpose and support, we can be a part of “Making America Great Again;” Proud of, secure in, and happy with our Nation, and just maybe, have prosperous, loving and happier lives again.

May Barack Obama and his family return to a more normal routine and have a happy life. May President Trump, with God’s grace and guidance, and with our patience and support, be blessed with the wisdom, courage, skill and grace to be successful. His success can be our success, if we are willing to help make it happen.

We can hope, but we must also help, to ensure that we regain, peace, security, prosperity and happiness for ourselves, our neighbors, our Nation and the World.  Even if you didn’t vote for him, you, “We the People,” need to stand tall, unite and support our leaders, limit dissent, stop violence, and work to help make this Nation, safe, secure, prosperous, self-sufficient and “great again.”  A leader is only a successful leader when others follow… not necessarily without question, but at least without obstruction… so, let’s give it a chance.

May God bless America and all deserving people everywhere.

170120-1200- Donald John Trump Sworn in As 45th President of the USA

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