Martin Luther King’s Dream…

Riot in the streets… Destroy property… Burn buildings… Overturn police cars… Kill officers… Declare war on, and hate all Whites!!

NO!…NO!…NO!  That is NOT what Dr. Martin Luther King wanted or meant when he said, “I Have A Dream

He sure as hell didn’t mean what his fellow men are doing today. If “Black Lives Matter,” Prove it! … the way Martin Luther King meant. Do what he would have you do. Do what God would have you do.

So, John Lewis, IF you want to honor Martin Luther King, rally your Black colleagues to do and support what King meant… depart from the Obamanation racism we are living with now. Dr. King would be so disappointed today.

Ivanka Trump said (paraphrase) it very well today. May Dr. King’s dream… his intention… be our call to action… tranquility, not anarchy… tolerance, not racism.

Martin Luther King, "I Have A Dream"  Blacks Riot Destroy Police Car in Baltimore April 2015

King said, “I Have A Dream.”   Hatred, racism, rioting is not what he meant!


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