The Jeffress Intelligence Report #170115

My intelligence is that there is no doubt but what Russia did in fact gain  up-to-date polling and voting information regarding the run-up to and the election, but THEY DID NOT INTERFERE WITH NOR AFFECT THE OUTCOME of the election.  If the DNC was “hacked,” it will probably never be proven, as sources have told me.  Information gained is not necessarily corroboration for “hacking.”

The information gained is used to give them a “jump” on financial, investment, military, political and social expectations which they can use to their advantage, just as we do when we hack their files, including their elections. I grew up during the McCarthy Area when the slogan, “Better dead than red,” was often used, so I am not a lover of Russian policy, but I have worked there and do have a pretty good understanding of their ideas, motives and policies.

If the RNC had been hacked instead of the DNC… or if Clinton had won the election, I do not think this would be such a big deal. However, I do agree that “HACKING” is NOT good, and in many cases a crime, and every effort should be made to stop this, within reason of course.  In future weeks, when the FBI and NSA reports to a different boss, we will see what their reports show. IF less biased reports show Russian interference, then I was wrong, but if not, then I am right. We’ll see.

The fact that I might hack into your bank account and know what the balances of your accounts are is bad, and is a breach of your security. However, it is not affecting, changing or stealing from your bank account. That would be an even worse crime.

I DO NOT think that Russia “interfered” with nor changed the outcome of our election. I do not think that we “interfered” with nor changed the outcome of their elections. I do think that China, India, Russia and maybe other nations “hack” into other countries files for whatever information they can get, just as we do theirs. That, WE SHOULD STOP, within reason and without “hand-cuffing” the Internet to the point that it becomes almost impossible to use.

IF, laws were past, that we could only drive our cars during daylight hours when temperatures are between 40 and 90 degrees with no clouds in the sky, it would be much safer, but stymie us much of the time from using our cars. Practicality and reasonableness has to be considered in all legislative controls imposed upon us. Our goal should be to: “Make what we’ve got the best… and make the best of what we’ve got.”

Thanks for reading and following s/ R.D. Jeffress, 170115.  Picture courtesy of Bigstock.Com

"Hacking" the Internet

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