If You Live In The USA, You’re Walking On Fertile Soil

No need to go to your garden and lawn store this fall. More fertilizer is on the way. Trump will bring on a new load this week but it will be coarse with weeds, lacking specific ingredients and will not spread well. Hillary will deliver a couple of more loads over the next two weeks and they will be mushy and easily spread, but there will be the usual stink, that we endure every four years…or maybe now, every year. Bugs will be prolific, Birds will Tweet, Snakes will slither just out of sight and Poly-ticks will continue to suck the blood out of all, and the ones who don’t believe or pay attention will be sucked dry. No need to turn around and look back because Uncle Sam is watching your ass ets because he knows that it really belongs to him. Reach up… feel the strings, notice the jerks… you are on stage as part of a Controlled group. Enjoy your notoriety… the World is watching. 


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