America’s CAR (Critical Actions Required)

Hillary is rumored to have medical problems, but it is Donald who is rumored to have surgery tomorrow and hopefully be recovered in time for the final presidential debate.

The rumor is that he is going in for a “P lift.” No, this is not a problem that Viagra can fix, it is to get a “personality fix” so that hopefully he will only dwell upon the real problems that most American want fixed and don’t want to hear more smears and accusations.

The American public wants to hear solutions to our major problems and details as to how he is going to fix them IF elected as President. IF Mr. Trump can address these issues, in general, and in detail and convince the public he knows the problems, has solutions and the wisdom, courage and tenacity to solve them he will do very well. Otherwise, it will be his final strike, and America will lose the chance for “real change.”

The issues Americans want to know about and hear the candidates discuss in detail are:
(So, if you want to get into the serious $#!+, please read on. Trump should and you certainly should and to whoever wins the election, YOU “We The People,” should demand that they take immediate action to take care or our CAR…our “Critical Actions Required.” to save America.

1- The run-away cost, dictatorial, yet do nothing government is the first thing that needs to be fixed. Fixing the government is like fixing the engine on a “Car.” If the engine works, it may still have some rattles and may not be pretty, but it will get us where we’re going. If government is reduced and made more efficient, then taxes can be reduced…the people have more. President Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem.”

2- The economy needs to get moving before we can accomplishment further problems. If the Government is the power, then the Economy is the transmission. If we can get rid of unnecessary regulations, revise poor trade agreements, and make laws that help all business, mom-and-pop as well as Amazon, Target and Walmart, we can make progress. Unless the economy (the transmission) gets power and can drive the wheels that make the “Car” go, we’ll remain sluggish, some go nowhere and others die off.

3- Unemployment will result from a growing economy when allowed by and empowered by the government. IF our government is fixed, our economy grows, the wheels of our “Car” move and companies, institutions and organizations begin to hire more people. So, “unemployment” is a result of all 3 things mentioned work in unison. If we import less and produce more, keep companies here, we will need more workers and unemployment will diminish.

4- Health Care is like having a place to sit…to ride in our “Car.” Without a seat we can’t ride. Without good health (and an affordable program to keep us healthy), we can work. Obama promised in 2009 that the new “affordable” program would cut cost by 1/3 and all would have insurance. Now, costs have risen to the point that several more insurance providers will drop Obamacare, leaving more without health insurance. A person or family paying $300 for example in 2009 was promised a 1/3 cut to ~$200, but now that person pays $430. That’s 43% more than they were paying and 2.15 times what was promised. True, a few have insurance today that did not 8 years ago, but many who did then don’t have insurance now as they can no longer afford it. We need a system that encourages to go to a “clinic” for treatment instead of to the emergency room for minor illnesses and injuries. We need to cut the outrageous costs of medicines, procedures and visits. When a injection takes 5 minutes and cost $237, e.g., Medicare pays $57, the secondary another $30 and the Doctor’s office or hospital writes-off the $150, and by taking advantage of write-offs and other things, pays little taxes. Don’t you which you could do that?

5- OH yeah… let’s don’t forget about Defense and the growing imminent threat of an EMP or other cause of calamity and chaos by ISIS, or any of the Islamic or other terrorists. Remember, even IF we succeed in getting our “Car” running (in the 4 above), but terrorists or other dissidents, knock it out with an EMP, or blow up the car or even destroy the road ahead, we are not going anywhere. The first thing we need to do is identify the problem, accept it exists and call it like it is. It is not just ISIS or al-Qaeda, it is mixed society representing just over 28% of the World’s population, and a society where approximate 20-25% of them have the goal…the Agenda to dominate and rule the World. That’s 5-7% active or eventual and potential terrorists… that’s about a half billion people who practice Islam and can be induced to perform acts of terrorism. That is 1 1/2 times as many people as there are now in the USA! That is a problem that we must recognize and solve for our safety and the survival of our children.

It’s a long read. Hopefully you finished it. Thanks for reading, following and sharing You comments are always welcome and sharing is appreciated. Thanks.

America's CAR

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