Hey Yonce, We’re Catching Up

Hey Yonce, We’re Catching Up

I just found out that we’re catching up.  My Amish friend, Yonce Yoder and I are now virtually tied in the Presidential polls.  Admittedly, we have a long way to go and a short time to get there, but with all the shi… the bad stuff coming out about both Clinton and Trump, we just might still have a chance.  “Hey Yonce, maybe we should park the buggy and get a Ferrari… or maybe a 777 would be even better.  Got any money?”  Maybe we should quit competing and join forces.  No one can dig up and shi… bad stuff on you and not much on me.  Heck, we’re as clean as a new laid egg… and honest.  We could be a great “two horse team.”  😉


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