Hillary Clinton should not be disqualified from being President because of the lies, cover-ups, sexual improprieties and other deceitful actions of her husband. She is somewhat culpable, but not legally responsible for his actions.

She should be disqualified from being President for her own lies, cover-ups, improprieties, refusing to safeguard our embassies, illegally and unethically swindling millions from our taxpayers, putting classified documents at risk and promising to continue the very programs that are ruining America… continuing the Obama Agenda… bringing in millions more aliens, some of whom will be terrorist infiltrants to harm America.

Trump is an inefficient speaking, foul mouthed narcissistic bully who has taken advantage of women who, in some cases, may have let it happen to advance their positions and careers. Although totally unacceptable, this locker room banter happened a long time ago.  Trump’s business experience, including legal tax avoidance and knowledge of how to fix it, and his strong, dictatorial nature may be just what America needs to overcome the ruinous actions of our current dictator and his Islamic, socialist leaning agenda.

Think about it. Listen to your “gut” and vote your conscience, and not just what the biased media owned by the “big guys” tells you to do. It is “your country…to take back or let slip away”… Your choice…your vote.

Sorry: I should have posted this months ago. Would it have made an difference?  It’s a little late now. 🙁  But in the future, do what you can to save what’s left of our once great nation, and maybe even rebuild it… for your children, grandchildren and future generations. Whether you vote for a “she or a he or an it,” make sure your vote goes to whoever best supports our Constitution, our Nation and its principles that you want for your grandchildren and their grandchildren. Life and the freedom to “have a good life” is precious… don’t lose it.

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