Happy Birthday Today Scott.

47 years ago today, Russian Luna-15 was orbiting the Moon; US Apollo-11 was on the way to the Moon (the 1st manned-Moon landing); and … YOU, Scott, were were entering Earth’s atmosphere and could see the light of day for the first time.

I was in the process of bidding a project in the waiting room while your Mom was doing all the labor, (back then they wouldn’t let me in the delivery room) and the nurses were scurrying about and updating me on your progress. 3 days later as I held you in my arms, Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon at 1756 Fairbanks, Alaskan time. It was a joyous and proud day. The following day, the 21st You and your Mom came home from the hospital, and the Apollo crew, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, started their trip home to Earth. You don’t remember that day… but I sure do.

Happy Birthday Today Son & hugs to you and your family. Dad 🙂

160717- Scott J's 47th BD

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