Mr Trump is asleep now at 0200 hrs Friday, June 15th, but we here at the Brotherhood of the Brain are sitting around the triangle  “All Seeing Eye” and trying to decide who he has already chosen, or trying to send dream-waves to him to convince him to at least consider our views and reasons for why he should pick the strongest, but best vote getting candidate.  This may be the most decisive and Important “WIN,” or the most Devastating LOSS in our Nation’s history.

We Synergistic Strategists are here in our cave peering at the stalagmite on which the “All Seeing Eye” rests.  We are  reaching into his sleeping, yet semiconscious state, trying to convince him of the considerations he must make to successfully win.  Even if he picks the best candidate for Vice President, who could fill his shoes if he had to following an illness or tragedy, if that candidate didn’t help him win, the choice would have been of no consequence.  

Let’s look briefly at the candidates being considered.  Newt Gingrich is a strong leader, yet diligent follower, thinks most like Trump of any of the candidates and would be a good Vice President and would be a good President if called upon to do so. He  has proven his mettle on many occasions under difficult and crucial decisions and circumstances.  He will be a good VP.

Now, since Trump is like a big strong “Little Engine That Could,”  he has the intelligence, strength and tenacity to put up one hell of a fight to win, but he is up against the Clinton and Obama massive locomotive “Political Machine,” with great powers and at times can even bring people back from the dead to vote.  Now that is power.  So, another choice that Mr Trump could make would be to choose Condoleezza Rice.  He would then have the equivalent of four aces up his sleeve.  1- Ace is the “Ace of Hearts:” She is a woman, and that equals the playing field a little.  2- “Ace of Diamonds”;  She and a sparkling educations and is very intelligent;  3-” Ace of Clubs”; She has the perfect complexion to bring in the majority of a 13% minority voting block.  4- “Ace of Spades”, She has dug in the trenches of government, done the work as Professor and Provost at Standford University, National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush and later as His Secretary of State from 2005-2009.  Newt Gingrich might be a stronger president if necessary, but Condoleezza Rice could be a real magnet for tough to get votes.

There is a strong, smart, diligent candidate who has shown he has the wisdom, courage and tenacity to fight to ensure truth is learned and justice is served, and other than family, he won’t let anything stop him.   That man is Rep. Trey Gowdy form SC.  He would also make a great VP Candidate and if not, then a member of the Supreme Court when the Republicans rule. Trey is like the “Wolverine” of the House of Representatives.  Obviously, he’s my friend.

Other candidates being (or by now have been) considered are Governor Mike Pence of Indiana (possibly a very strong favorite), Governor Marry Fallon of Oklahoma and Governor Christ Christie of New Jersey, and Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee and Senator Joni Ernst form Iowa.  All are great candidates and capable of being a good VP running mate.  But who will it be…. Will the real Vice Presidential candidate now come out?

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