Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July. Today we celebrate our Independence. It’s a happy day… I love independence. I remember when it was the rule, not the exception. Some of you may ask: “What Independence? We have less independence in many ways now than we did 240 years ago.”

In 1776, The British wanted to control us, set our standards, tax us, and the Church of England wanted to mold us in the image of their beliefs. The King of England at that time was George III. With his country in debt, he imposed taxes on the colonies, which objected, boycotted British goods and finally declared their independence and fought for it. King George wasn’t any worse then than many of our leaders today. He suffered Porphyria, which affected him with bouts of insanity and other dictatorial manifestations, similar to our President, many members of Congress and our other leaders of today.

Today, 2016, we have ‘Big Brother,’ a government that wants to listen to our conversations, watch our every move, meddle in all our activities and affairs, control our lives and get rid of old people, disabled vets and anyone who is a drain on government funds. We have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, DHS, TSA, NSA, CIA, FBI, Common Core, Obamacare and more than a dozen other officious agencies and programs to mold us into the image of our dictator’s beliefs and to control our lives. The government “picks our pockets, gropes our ‘stuff,’ and bends our beliefs and tells us that the old ways that once worked don’t anymore and that their ‘new way’ is better,” … yeah, better for those in control…not us, the taxpaying ‘Average Joe’ American.

in 1776, 240 years ago, real patriotic ‘Americans’ refused to tolerate the few impositions they suffered under, stood up, fought back and created the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

Today, 2016, we are far worse-off for the most part. We suffer under greater and more officious and restrictive controls, and we do this primarily because of the government and education imposed epidemic we call “Political Correctness.” Our growing majority today is either on “the dole,” and totally dependent on government support, and willing to stay that way, or too damn “PC” to even think about, much less doing something about changing America back to the way it was when we had “Freedoms,” and the Government wasn’t the biggest, most demanding ‘business’ on Earth… back when most people were self-sufficient, and willing provided for those who weren’t. Remember the days when we said the ‘Pledge of Allegiance;’ had a short prayer before a football game; and could say the word ‘God’ without someone being offended?  Today, schools send students home for wearing a Christian Cross, yet spend millions of taxpayer dollars to provide special rooms with prayer rugs for a minority of students and allow them time off for Salah… and in a few places have required non-muslims to observe Islamic traditions and clothing.

Our government apparently, not only condones but encourages this and we are not as “Free Anymore.” Obama promised ‘Change’ and boy, did we get change!! Maybe next time we will ask, “What changes do you have in mind?” We need CHANGE alright… but in the right direction this time. More people are on ‘on the dole” today than ever before, even during the Great Depression, and those who were then worked if they could. Today they don’t. A few years ago, we had more dollars…today we have change, and it costs a dime to make a nickel. That’s ridiculous. We need Independence!!

To see the ‘Timeline’ for our country’s independence, go to–> http://faculty.washington.edu/qtaylor/a_us_history/am_rev_timeline.htm.

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4th of July Flag & Fireworks

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