An Ode to Our Flag, Flag Day, 2016

Stand tall.  Fly high my friend.  I have looked up to you all of my life.  My father, my mother are gone.  Friends I met when I was a young child, gone.  But, you are still here.  You have been here since the birth of our nation. You have earned a few more stars over the years and stood as the proud symbol of our Republic… one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

We are proud of you.  We, the people, pledge to you, salute you and promise to defend you against all who defy, defame or desecrate you.  Wave to me as I walk by you today and know that I am your friend, admirer and a patriot.

I hope that millions of people will raise you to fly high today and will read and share this post and show their pride and respect for our great nation which you symbolize.  Stand tall and fly high today and always, for you are the flag of the United States of America.


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