It’s hard to be right when the boss is wrong!

Our real leaders are getting sent to the house because they refuse to act like a mouse.

Piss off the Pope and He will pray that your faith never dies.
Piss off the Pres and he will direct and ensure your demise.

Remember, e.g., we said goodbye to a great man, Gen. James Mattis, US Marines. He was replaced as Head of the Central Command by Obama because he “rubbed some civilian officials the wrong way” by expecting performance. As I posted 2 years ago, Gen Mattis won’t be the last to go. More great men and women will fall because they dared to stand head and shoulders about our dictraitor and chief. It’s hard to be right when the boss is wrong!

Obama has gotten rid of nearly all of our experienced, wise, courageous
and dedicated top military leaders who have had the backbone to stand
up to the Pres’ pussy performance and devious dictates of his “Agenda.”


Marine Gen James Mattis

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