If I Was The Devil, I Would….

960701- If I was The Devil, I Would… by RDJ, Jul, 1996

–> Do you dare to see your future if you do nothing to stop it? I wrote this article in July of 1996 before I realized that Saul Alinsky had previously written about and promoted many of the thoughts I have printed below. Paul Harvey (one of my favorites) had very eloquently recording “If I Were The Devil,” in 1965 predicting the treacherous path that he saw America was on. We should have listened.
My version: If I was the devil and wanted to destroy America, I would:

01- Promote women’s rights so that all want a career and not just motherhood.
02- Change the structure of society so that nearly all women have to work.
03- When all women work, children will have to be collectively cared for.
04- Children can then be taught early that their faith should be in government.
05- Demean and destroy all people’s belief and faith in God and Jesus Christ.
06- Destroy all churches, religious icons, references and statues everywhere.
07- Make Christian-Judeo prayer illegal and punish all violators.
08- Change the educational system and brainwash all children by age 12.
09- Require all teachers to follow government guidelines or be penalized.
10- Remove children from homes where parents try to home-school or teach them.
11- Promote radicalism, pornography, disobedience and killing on television.
12- Teach children that discipline, respect and self-reliance are just stupid ideas.
13- Destroy the ideas of marriage, family unity and sexual responsibility as foolish.
14- Begin to destroy patriotism and promote the idea of a one world government.
15- Reduce the military and fire all who don’t support the regime.
16- Rebuild a military force totally in concert with the regime’s agenda.
17- Take guns and ammo away from all except the regime’s/president’s army.
18- Open borders to selected races and classes controlled by the government.
19- Increase immigration and ensure that all are government dependent.
20- Segregate people by race and class to ensure internal conflicts.
21- Ensure that the majority is totally dependent on government entitlements.
22- Control the economy and all banking and financial wealth.
23- Redistrict and control all voting to ensure reelection of the regime.
24- Establish a permanent totalitarian socialistic oligarchy or dictatorship.
25- Punish all who speak of freedom and disagree with the ruler’s agenda.
Paul Harvey said this much better and more eloquently: “If I Were The Devil” 1965.
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Devil & Jesus Arm Wrestling

And the winner is… you decide. It’s your future, your grandchildren’s and their grandchildren’s future.

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