US to Build New Base in Iraq

The US Government has just announced plans to build a new base in Iraq about a third of the way between Ramadi and Baghdad just west of the Euphrates River.   It may be good that we are doing something, particularly if you believe that  “It’s better late than never.”  The problem, as I see it, is that it is right on the front attack edge of ISIS occupied and controlled territory and will probably being taken over by the Islamic State as the 400+ trainers/soldiers & trainees are easily over-run.  If ISIS is smart, they will just allow the base to be completed and equipped with US dollars before they take it over, meaning a stronger ISIS at US expense.  Maybe it is a great choice, but from having been in Iraq and somewhat familiar with that area, I just don’t have much faith in our, and the Sunni’s we are supposedly training, to successfully defend against take-over of this base.

“We the People,” as politically correct as the majority of Americans are, don’t know how to fight against an enemy that looks forward to dying for their cause.  Even during WWII, the Japanese Kamikaze “Boy Soldiers” were normally shamed into becoming suicide bombers by being brainwashed with the slogan, “Death Before Defeat.”  They didn’t want to die… they had to.  Today, we have radical Muslims who believe in a paradise after death with their 72 virgins, etc, and want to die for their cause of ridding the World of infidels and acquiring World domination under Shari’ah Law.  It’s hard to fight an enemy who wants to die.  How do we punish someone who wants to die… other than maybe capturing them, imprisoning them on a swine ranch with pork being the only food available?  We need to figure this out… we need a plan… and President Obama has said the he has no real plan.  The lack of a solution is a problem.

The map of Iraq below shows the occupied territory and the new base is at the southeastern tip of the ISIS controlled area.  Oil facilities are also shown.  Also see:

Iraq ISIS & Oil InfraStr. Map

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