It’s time to say goodbye.
So, “Goodbye 2014.” I hope that year 2015 will bring a re-birth of faith, hope, charity, trust, patience, tolerance, security and maybe even peace and happiness to our lives and society.

The past year, 2014, has certainly not been a happiest year to remember. Severe drought in California, floods in the Midwest, ebola cases a threat in USA, the tragic killings in Ferguson, Mo and New York and the resulting mob violence and destruction. And finally, proof that our president and his administration lied about the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi and still continues to lie about this and several other issues. Then there is the threat of a Solar EMT, or worse yet, the threat of an enemy produced EMT, which could wipe out most electronic devices, shut-down our power grids, and effectively cause chaos and set us back years or decades and the chaos could be fatal to many.  It is not a matter of if, but of when.  We are not prepared and we should be.

I pray that we trade in “common-core” for “common-sense” and realize that “one shoe doesn’t fit all.” All people are NOT equal, even though we supposedly have “equal rights.” We do NOT all have equally developed physical and mental capabilities. The government can’t legislate immediate changes to what evolution has taken millions of years to create. Until we recognize that people ARE different and need to be educated accordingly, there will continue to be those who are left behind as well as those who are held back from excelling. If we did not insist that all elementary school children have the latest in computer technology, then they just might learn the basics of mathematics, writing, thinking and problem solving and we would save billions of dollars in educational cost… and our children would be better prepared for high school, college and career for life.

I hope that we will remember that slavery in any form is wrong, yet rid ourselves of the shame that our great-great-great grandfathers may have had slaves 150, 200 or 300 years ago. We now know that that slavery was wrong. We don’t have slaves anymore, although it still practiced in places in Africa and the Middle East. Our ancestors used to “bleed the bad blood” from a person with difficult to cure ailments….we don’t do that anymore. Physicians used to perform lobotomies on people with mental disorders….we don’t do that anymore. People even burned witches at the stake, old women whom others didn’t understand…we don’t do this anymore. We don’t have slaves anymore…so why can’t we Americans learn to live peacefully together and not be divided by past history that ended 150 years ago. Why must democrats hate republicans for slavery. Remember, it was primarily democrats who owned slaves and it was a republican president who freed the slaves. Why can’t we just accept that as past history and move on? We don’t need to forget it, but we don’t have to be obsessed by it and let it continue to divide and destroy us.

Oh yeah… let’s don’t forget about the election. Enough people have now become un-trusting and disenchanted with the Obama Administration and the way things are going… and realize where things are going, that Republicans won in the House and now control both houses of Congress. This is good… and this is bad. Good, because Republicans are more likely to resist spending money we don’t have and reducing regulations and the size of government, but bad, because if they don’t promptly get their act together and perform miraculously (which is doubtful), Democrats will take back control of the House and Senate and eventually all three branches of government, and we will continue to spend what we don’t have. YOU can’t do that, (unless you on the dole of course) so why should we expect our government to be able to spend beyond our means and survive? Our national debt is now over $18 trillion* and our unfunded liabilities over $127 trillion*, which includes social security, medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits, etc. WOW! $18 trillion… $127 trillion… geeze… that’s almost real money.

There are now just over 320,000,000 people in the USA with an estimated population breakdown as follows: 162.5 million females, 157.5 million males; 210 mil White, 54 mil Hispanic, 45 mil Black,16 mil Asian and 3 mil Am Natives. Approximately 246 mil are Christian (169 m Protestant & 79 m Catholic), 8 mil Jewish, 7 mil Muslim, 5 mil Buddhist. 2 mil other and 50 mil unaffiliated. By age and/or employable status, the breakdown is about: 80 million young children and students; 50 million old and/or retired; and 190 million in the between school and retirement category. Of this 190 million, 160 million are able to work, 120 million* are actually employed and the other 30 million are not able to or have never worked. This means that the true unemployment is ~12.5% and in reality, it’s 22.5% when all non-working people who could work are included. It’s hard to understand the government’s claim of 6.7% unemployment until you realize that they only count those on unemployment, and that makes it “all better” somehow. Yeah…riiightt. 🙁

Now if you take the information from the two paragraphs above, you can see that if our current national debt is *$18 trillion and we have *160 million who can work, then each and everyone of those workers owes $112,500 as his/her part of the national debt and… $793,750 in future obligations. Now folks, does that give you some idea of the $#!+y situation we’re in? If you are not concerned… you should be! When other major countries in the World lose faith in the Petro Dollar and it loses it’s status as the World’s Reserve Currency, then the $#!+ will hit the fan and could result in tremendous inflation. The Stock Market Capitalization is now 2.33 times greater than it was at the start of the Great Depression. The Dollar is on a high now, but only because other currencies are worse off and we are more clever at hiding the facts.

But enough of this!! I do try to be a positive person. Heck, if I was an atomic particle, I think I would be a Proton… or maybe and Electron… or maybe a “Positron,” but they’re short lived, and I intend to hang around for awhile. So, I guess I’ll be a, hmmm…

So, Goodbye 2014… Hello 2015. In the next few days I will again publish my “Jeffress Annual Prophecy,” which has had an average accuracy of 72% over the past 5 years. Watch for it if you wish and believe it is you dare, but you’ll need to get your “PC” vaccination. 😉 Cheers and “Happy New Year.”

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