The 25th Anniversary of “The Wall Came Tumbling Down.”

Just over 27 years ago, President Ronald Reagan stood by the Berlin Wall and called out to President Mikhail Gorbachev, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”  Two years later the Wall demolition began and today, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Things have changed in the past quarter of a century, particularly in the past six years, and today, we have a new wall.  It not made with cement, steel and stone, but it is restraining the freedoms and the progress and is detrimental to more people than even was the Berlin Wall.

Today, I will exercise one of the few liberties I have left and re-post the article I wrote back last summer, and again appeal to our President Obama to “Tear Down The Wall” he has created between himself and his administration and “We the People” of the United States, the Congress, and even our Allies in other nations of the World.  We need a government that serves the needs of the people, and provides only what we individuals, local and state governments can not adequately provide for ourselves, e.g., a strong military, power grid and highway and railroad systems, etc., and a stable monetary system not controlled by the Council of Foreign Affairs, the House of Rothschild, and other owners and rulers of the World.  We want a government of leaders including a president, who support the people whom they are sworn to serve and not just themselves and the privileged few seeking totalitarian control.

Hopefully, the results of this past Tuesday’s election, will help to set us on a new path toward renewed freedom and success and away from the “Agenda” now imposed upon us.  President  Reagan said at the end of his famous speech, referring to the leaders, “If they should ever have the kind of government they apparently seek, no one would ever be able to do what they’re doing again.”  God willing, and with your courage, “We the People” can work toward and demand that our leaders support our Constitution and rebuild America so that we can all be proud of our great nation again.  (If you have a few more minutes, please read the rest.)


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Mr. President, Tear Down That Wall !!  In 5 1/2 years you have build a wall between you and your sworn duties as President.  You have built a wall between you and Congress.  You have built a wall between you and most Americans who want our freedoms, pride and national reputation back.  We want a president who lives up to his oath of office and supports and defends our Constitution.  You have even built a wall between you and many of the people who voted for you and are now far worse off than they were five years ago before you and your dictatorial regime took power.  Mr. President, “We the People” are not your enemy, we are your constituents, (the majority of who) elected you to uphold our Constitution, to lead within the authorized duties and restraints of your office, to work with the Legislative and Judicial branches of government and to be our President, not a dictator.

Warren Harding was the most unprepared president, and he stated in one of his last addresses, “I am not fit for this office and should never have been here.”  John Tyler became President after William Henry Harrison died after only 32 days in office, lost the support of both parties and became the only serving President not to be elected.  Presidents James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce were all unpopular, unprepared and unsuccessful presidents.


Ulysses S. Grant,  Richard Nixon and George W. Bush were considered corrupt, lacking in integrity and arrogant.  Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were considered by many as inept and do-nothing presidents.

So you see Mr. Obama, we have had bad presidents before, but never in the history of this nation, have we had a president who so flagrantly exceeded the authority of his office, disregarded the Constitution and his oath to uphold it and made and changed laws usurping the rights granted only to Congress and bragged about it.  You have dictated your will and socialistic agenda on and at the expense of the people whom you are supposed to protect and serve.  Shame on you.

Even more importantly Mr. President, you have lied to the people of America and to the World and destroyed your integrity and character and any trust and respect that most of us may have had for you.  Having travelled extensively, I know that because of your lack of leadership, people in other nations, long time allies, now question our alliance, agreements and treaties to protect them against foreign invasion and support for them in time of need.  People in Europe and Asia now laugh at you as the weak, but determined dictator trying to change the world to fit your vision.

Mr. Obama, you are still blaming President Bush for all of your difficulties.  The poor economy is his fault even though our national debt has increased $6.92 trillion during your 5.25 years in office as opposed to the $4.86 trillion it increased during Bush’s 8 years in office. The national debt increased  $607 billion average per year during Bush’s 8 years, as opposed to it raising $1,317 billion during your 5 years 3 months in office, so your rate of debt increase is 2.17 times that of Bush.
Next Mr President, let’s just show a few of the things where you have conned the American public, exceeded the authority vested in you, and flagrantly lied, either directly or by omission, to “We the People,” who you are supposed to serve.  I’ll keep your list of failures short…just the top twelve.

01- Obamacare:  Belligerently cramming a poorly written, misunderstood, constitutionally   questionable bill down the throats of America with the promise of better service and cheaper costs.  You and your cronies knew ahead of time the probable ramifications of this legislation and you apparently didn’t care.  This was always more about control than it was health care.  If the “Affordable Health Care Act,” (certainly a misnomer) did work, then you, the government, gained more control of American’s health care, personal information, etc.  If it failed, then it gave you the perfect opportunity to declare that it was necessary for the government to nationalize and take control of the entire health care system.  You knew that you would win either way, and you didn’t care which way.  Now. millions of Americans are going to pay much more for health care and not less as you had promised.


02- Failing to fix the housing market: True, it started while Bush was in office, but you promised to fix it and your “fixes” have fallen far short of your promises and over 20% of homes are still “underwater.”

03- Overpromising and misleading on the economic recovery:  Mr Obama, you knew what you were up against, or at least you should have.  Seeking the most important, most powerful position on the face of the Earth, you should have known before you promised.   In Feb. 2009 you said to NBC’s Matt Lauer on nationwide TV, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s gonna be a one-term proposition.”  Well Mr President, you now had over five years and the situation has not substantially improved.

04-  Solyndra:  Restructuring the over half-billion dollar government loan to a company almost certain to fail was done to safe face, reward a supporter and not admit failure to properly research, understand and confirm the company’s solvency.

05- Benghazi:  This is one of the most tragic failures of your presidency.  Ambassador Stevens had been asking for additional security for several months prior to the planned attack on the Embassy where Stevens and three others were killed.  The public was then misled and purposely lied to for several weeks until after the 2008 election was over and you were home free with a second term.  Now we have learned that you and your regime knew all along what really happened there, what the cause was and that you had denied further security to the embassy for months prior to the attack.  We now know that the threat was ignored, data was destroyed, the public was lied to and that Secretary Clinton helped with the cover-up, but acted to protect you as President.

06- IRS Targeting of conservative groups:  Mr President, whether or not you initiated, directed or even only condoned the IRS targeting and intimidating conservative groups who obviously don’t support you, you could have stopped it much sooner, but once again, you denied the problem and hid the facts from the public.

07- Syria: Although I agree with the US not putting “boots on the ground,” or at least those of our military, I do know that you could have applied political and economical pressure to dissuade al-Assad to back off and try to negotiate a settlement.  Mr Obama, as stated on worldwide TV, you drew a “Line in the sand,” and then when chemical weapons were confirmed used, you wimped out and did nothing.  You also have done little to punish Putin for Russia’s support in Syria.

08- Iran:  What can I say… another “Red Line” drawn in the sand, and another red line crossed with no consequence.  Iran did agree to diminish and dilute some of their HEU (highly enriched uranium), supposedly around 75%.  They still have the capability of producing more.  The facilities and equipment are still operational and they can reprocess and make more HEU in the months ahead.

09- Ukraine:  And now we have another “Red Line.”  For sometime, Russian President Putin has sought to return much of the Russian territories lost when the Soviet Union fell in 1991.  He sent agitators into Crimea, intimidated them and promised them a better future and they have now chosen to become part of Russia. They voted and they will now remain a part of Russia.  Now, Russia has about 40,000 troops on the Eastern Ukraine border with Russia and thousands more nearby, and have again sent agitators in to intimidate and “persuade” the locals to join mother Russia.  Many of those in the primarily Russian speaking oblasts including Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, and possibly even those in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson, will resist being annexed into Russia, but may be intimidated and overwhelmed by the massive show of force and fear that Russia will demonstrate.  In 1994, The USA, UK and Russian signed the “Budapest Memorandum” agreeing to protect Ukraine from invasion, provided Ukraine gave up their nuclear arsenal, which, at that time, was the third largest in the world.  France and China later signed separate agreements.  We have an obligation to protect Ukraine from invasion and annexation.  Without putting “boots on the ground,” we could and should impose additional severe sanctions on Russia and the oligarchs who support Russia’s insurgent attacks against Ukraine.  We could also provide greater financial support and supply Western Ukraine with the military equipment and supplies currently in Iraq and Afghanistan which we otherwise have to destroy or ship back here at a great expense.  Shirking our duty to help Ukraine will further erode our integrity and reputation with the rest of the world and put Russia in a much stronger strategic position.

10- Ah…and now there is even more on the IRS, the Infernal Revenue Scandal, and the thousands… maybe millions, who have been sought out for audit, extensive scrutiny and punishment, all totally unnecessary, except to scare and control those with the audacity to be more conservative and out-spoken than your team liked.  It has now generated more dislike and distrust in a branch of government which unfortunately, already has a dubious and overbearing reputation.  This needs to stop.

11- And finally and most recently, “the invasion” from the south.  With one in six (~17%) of our work-force unemployed or underemployed (many of whom have just given up), we have thousands of children crossing our borders which will further burden our system and who we will be responsible for.  Our economy is in great jeopardy with our current staggering national debt of $17.584 trillion dollars ($160,000 per taxpayer) and $121.600 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and ever-growing entitlements, and it is going to be very difficult to ensure our own survival, much-less that of another million or so children and their family members as they come in the future.

12- Most importantly – Lost trust and Integrity:  The calculus, the summation of all twelve articles above are probably not as important to most people as the lost integrity and trust they (we) had in you and the lack of honesty, leadership, wisdom and courage that you have failed to demonstrate during your presidency Mr. Obama.  What will your legacy be?
Mr. President, maybe I am being too hard on you.  But during your campaign you should have known about current conditions and fixes needed.  You should have known what you were up against.  After all, you were seeking the most powerful and important position on the face of the Earth.  You should have known.  Unlike Bush, who, eight months into his presidency, had the greatest attack on American soil by a foreign enemy, which was unforeseen, you have had no surprises.  You should have either known and you didn’t, or you did know and you lied.  So, which are you Mr. President;  A fool, a liar, or both?  These are not just my words and thoughts Mr. President, these are opinions of millions of Americans who expect more from you than you are giving.  More people on Earth now know you than they do Putin, or the Pope or even Pelé.  You can and you should make a positive difference for us and our lives and not just for yours and your agenda.

On June 12th, we celebrated the 27th anniversary of President Reagan’s famous speech where is said, “Mr. Gorbachev (President), tear down this wall.”  Mr President, “We the People,” are not your enemy.  We are trying to help convince you to be the kind of person, the kind of leader and the kind of president who supports and defends the Constitution, our rights granted therein, and treats us not as separatists, but as citizens of your “United States of America.”   Mr. Gorbachev… I mean, Mr. President Barack Obama, ‘tear down this wall’ you have build between you and your constituency and the rest of the world.  Rebuild America.  Rebuild your character and ours.  Please Mr. President, you’ve got 2 1/2 years to try to be the President that your daughters will be proud to tell your grandchildren about someday.  You’ve got a big wall to tear down and a lot of fences to mend… best you get started soon.  So, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL MR. PRESIDENT.  Please.

Link to Pres. Reagan’s speech:

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