The Big Question of Today Is…

… Will Scotland secede from the UK, or will the UK remain intact?

Tomorrow, Thursday’s weather forecast for Scotland and much of England is cloudy with a 30% chance of rain, but the chance of the Scots voting to secede from the UK is far greater than 30%.  London’s forecast is “fair;”  Fair weather and a fair chance that the election could go either way.  A divorce of the UK after 307 years would certainly have troublesome ramifications for the the “Un-United Kingdom,” and to a lesser degree, to the economies for the rest of the World. It would create many problems.

So, why is Scotland, a unique and beautiful land whose people are renown for their inventions and advancements in medicine, manufacturing, science, technology and known for their music, poetry and genius they bring to the World, why is the desire to secede so great?  Many Scots are just tired of being a lapdog for England, having to contribute more than their share to the economy and and not having what they consider is a proportionate say in the government.  Scotland represents 32% of the UK landmass but only has 8% of the population.  They obviously envision opportunities that they don’t see coming to fruition in the near future under UK rule.

The Scots know there will be problems. e.g.: What currency will they use?  How will the oil resources be divided?  How will they provide for their defense?  How will they relate to and associate with the European Union?  

There is one major factor that I heard repeated while I was in Scotland (that the news media seems to ignore) and that is “We Scots just don’t want to continue down the bloody path toward Islam and Sharia Law like the “Sassenachs” (English) are.  Soon, the Muslims will be in control in London.”

The weather may be fair in London on Thursday, but The Queen, PM Cameron and millions of Brits are going to be watching to see which way the “Political Wind Blows,” and hoping to keep the “UK Family” together.

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