We Are Heading Into A Storm !

What the hell is wrong with us?  We now excuse crimes and criminals because they fall into categories less news-worthy than they might have been.  The categories seemingly  acceptable to our news media and politically correct majority of today are many.  There is the “junkie” who robs and kills someone because he needs a fix.  There is the politician or tycoon who has someone killed to keep from being exposed or testified against.  There is the “jihadist” who beheads someone for retaliation and the “hate crime,” where a person is killed because of his color, affiliation or beliefs.  The killing of an old person normally gets less media attention, because, “hell, he was going die anyway sooner or later.”

Killing is killing!  Do you think the wife excuses the killer because, “the poor slob needed a fix?” Can you hear the mother who just lost her son saying, “well, it was just a ‘hate crime,’ and not a terrorist attack.”  Killing is killing, and we need to stop excusing those of less news-media importance.  The news media also needs to stop “Fanning the flames” of an already terrible situation.  Today, if a ‘black’ person kills a ‘white,’ the ‘whites normally don’t riot in the streets, but if a ‘white’ kills a ‘black,’ all hell breaks loose, others are killed and injured and millions of dollars damage done, and the poor taxpayer pays the bill.  You say you want equality… good… live it… practice it…don’t just demand it!  

And as far killing goes, let’s try to get to the root of the problem.  We are now into the second and maybe third generation or little discipline, lack of respect, low self-esteem, dumbed-down education and dependency and expectancy on government assistance.  The most important factor I think is, today, three out of four Black children are born out of wedlock; Half of Hispanic and Native American and almost a third of non-Hispanic White children are born into single mother families. Proportionally, the same statistics apply for these families where the children grow up with no live-in father… no father figure and often, total lack of discipline.  What’s  more… these statistics are getting worse; Double what they were twenty years ago and triple what they were fifty years ago.  Being a father should mean more than just being a accidental “sperm donor.”

That being said, there are several other important things to consider.  Please read on…

It is time “White, European or Asian-Americans” start helping “Blacks” pull themselves up, become self-sufficient and become proud to be an “American,” and not just an Afro-American.”   It’s time that “Blacks” give up the stigma that “once a slave, always a slave,” and try to be as good as any “White” anywhere.  It’s time that “Whites” stop pampering “Blacks” because of the shame that their great-great-great-granddaddy might have had slaves, and start helping them learn, compete and prosper on the same level as “Whites” do today.

And then there is the Muslim factor:  You have heard it said before that, “All Muslims are NOT terrorists, but all terrorists ARE Muslim.”  There are approximately 2.08 billion Muslims in the World today and 2.01 billion Christians.  Muslim population is increasing 40% faster than Christian population and by 2030, it is estimated that a third of the World’s population will be Muslim.  It has been estimated that only 15 to 25% of the Muslim population is or will become “radical” if “called upon” to do so.  What that means is that, at 20%, there are now approximately 416,000,000 potential Muslim terrorists in the world, which is greater that the combined populations of the USA, Canada and the 7 Central-American countries.  Although, let’s assume that an 80% majority of the World’s Muslim population is a peaceful and loving society, it still means that over 400 million seem called upon to eradicate the World of all non-followers of Islam.  That’s a far greater force that has ever existed in the history of the World… and that can be a problem.   As Bridgette Gabriel, founder, president & CEO of the American Congress For Truth (ACT) for America, so eloquently said in a famous response recently,  “The peaceful majority is irrelevant.” (Please go to link attached below and play it). When good people do nothing, bad things happen, and that can be a problem… the end.  

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