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Satellites may soon be able to snap photographs of your face 🙂

In response to questions posed to me earlier today by journalist Igor Stranetsky , regarding the latest announcements in advanced satellite imagery and the soon to be launched WorldView-3, and the role Google is also playing in proposed satellite intelligence gathering, product delivery, accurate mapping and other uses, I make the following comments on what I see are the “good” and the “bad” consequences of satellites, drones and being an “open book” to “eyes in the sky.”

On the “good” side, I see an advantage in having more accurate maps, locating the lost, directions  to destinations, improved weather forecasting, more accurate surveillance and timely military intelligence, improved traffic warning system and traffic/transportation guidance and control.  There may be many other positive aspects of advanced satellite technology I’ve not mentioned.


On the “bad” side, I was specifically asked about our commercial “big brother.”  I said that I believe that “Google” is now the less suspicious “Big Brother,” and is tethered to the Government just like an astronaut is to it’s mothership. Spies in the sky are all about money, power, control, intelligence and dominance. If Google, and it’s puppeteers, NSA, CIA, FSB, SIS, Mossad and China’s 3PLA can just know everything about everyone, then we “sheeple” can be coerced and controlled to “buy what they sell;” “Believe what they say;” and “Do what they require,” and be servants to the World Authoritative Rulers (WAR). Goodbye to our privacy and freedoms. It’s all about money and power.

Will the “good” out-weigh the “bad?”  Who knows?  Time will tell, and only God, or maybe Big-Brother knows or will decide.  So, smile and look to the sky… you’re on candid camera.  🙂
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