Some Photos taken while I was in Ukraine Chernobyl, Odessa, Kiev & Lviv, Ukraine – Note:  Keep Scrolling down; big space between photos.

Richard with the Sarcophagus being built & Chernobyl Unit-4 ~0.5 km in background

*FSz RDJ Chernobyl Plant in BG, DSCN2197

The Sarcophagus (Appx 110m H x 150m L) under construction which will enclose the Unit-4.  For perspective, notice the cargo containers stacked about 2/3 of the way up.

Sharcophagus Under Constrn for Unit-4, FSz, DSCN2211

Richard by Monument with Unit-4 at Left.  Tower demolition started the day after this photo was taken.

FSz RDJ at Monument w Unit-4 in BG, DSCN2206

This photo was taken of  a little girl’s doll abandoned outside the kindergarten during Pripyat evacuation in April, 1986.

Richard & Doll Left Durian Evacuation, FSz, DSCN2191

Curb-Side Market in Lviv in Western, Ukraine

Curb-Side Market in Lviv, FSz, DSCN2117

Richard buying Rabbits for dinner in Odessa… no worries, these were not Easter Bunnies !

Richard Buying Rabbits for Dinner, FSZ, DSC04785

… But this past Easter was not pleasant, and now there is a lot of misery, recovery and clean-up in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine.  Very sad  🙁

A bulldozer removes barricades at the site of recent clashes with riot police in Kiev

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