—> Kafirs / Infidels… Yes all of you White, Christian Virgins, Yeah…I’m talking to you. Please don’t let this happen to you.  If you are so politically correct that you can’t even think about it or discuss it, or refuse to admit it is happening, then it could happen to YOU. Just because you can’t see the girl’s crying faces, doesn’t mean that you could not shed those same tears someday.  Please… make damn sure it never happens here in America.  I posted this on Facebook on 12 May 2014, and you know, not even ONE person responded or liked it.  That’s not only disappointing, it’s damn sad.  The facts, the photo are real, and they are sad and scary and even a little hurtful… like a kick to the crotch, but it’s happening and you should know.  So, please give up your “political correctness” for a moment and learn the truth… and realize what you don’t know, or even want to know can hurt you or those you love and care for.

The photo shows Muslim girls being led off in chains to meet their new husbands. “Can’t you just see the joy on their faces?  Some of these young virgins just starting having periods a couple of years ago and now their getting…. uh married !!  

The leading experts in Islamic Law met recently at the 191st meeting of the Council of Islamic Ideology and declared as un-Islamic any laws attempting to establish a minimum age for girls to be married.  This past March, the 192nd meeting the Council of Islamic Ideology went further and declared that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. “Women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible.” Women who express their own will (most especially non-Muslim women) will be the first targeted for extermination.

This could be you, your daughters or sweet innocent, virgin granddaughters someday, so go to and read –> http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2014/03/15/comment/coucil-of-islamic-ideology-declares-womens-existence-anti-islamic/ , and decide whether you want to shed your “Political Correct” or put on your “Burqa,” keep your mouth shut and you legs open and obey your master.  Oh yeah, and you had better produce male offspring, because females are of low importance except for being a slave to their master, sex when it’s your turn and having boy babies.  Think about it this Independence Day while we still have a choice.

Young Muslim Girls Chained & Led to Their New Husbands

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