Happy 4th of July Independence Day

Happy Independence Birthday America.  May you survive to celebrate many more.  Since our Founding Fathers declared independence 238 years ago, two-thirds of a million soldiers have giving their lives fighting for our Freedoms including nearly three thousand in the past six years.  May we respect, preserve and fight for our freedoms and never lackadaisically or stupidly lose them even for the benefit of a vocal minority or a self-serving political agenda.

Our Freedom is our ability to do… to act, think, speak and write as we wish within the constraints of our Liberty, as defined by our social, religious and governmental structures.  As our Nation gets older, more populous and diverse, “We the People,” particularly our younger population, tends to take our independence… our liberties for granted and not realize how privileged we are to live in the Land of the Free, even though or liberties are now being eroded.  We should all realize that our freedoms must be respected, maintained and even fought for if our independence is to be preserved for us and our future generations, and these principles and pride should be instilled in all, both at home and in schools if the United States is to enjoy the freedoms that we have had in the past.

The Unites States is truly a “melting pot,” with over 98% of our population descendants from other countries over the past two centuries.  But the right of residency and citizenship must be patiently and legally earned and not stolen by invaders encouraged by despots eager to change our Nation to a more easily controlled, government-dependent, self-serving society.

My father, God rest his soul, was a very smart, hard working farmer, and he used to say:  “If you have a section of land, plenty of water, pasture and facilities and you have only 20 cattle, you can bring in some more.  But, when your pasture is full and resources are over-burdened, then you’d better take care of those you have before you bring in any more.”  Our leaders would be wise to use that advise and not endanger the whole population, including the newcomers, for the purpose of advancing their own political agenda.

But I digress:  The main purpose for this post, is to wish all of you who read this and follow this website, a Happy, wonderful and safe Independence Day… Happy 4th of July, 2014, from the Jeffress group.

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