We Wanted Change… We Got Change !

You failed!  Obama failed!  Now America is failing!  Obama promised “Change.”  You voted for change… you got change.  You used to have dollars… now you have change.  You (we) failed to ask the right questions and to realize that if all of those promises seemed “To good to be true, then they probably would not be accomplished.”  Next time I’ll bet you ask, “What changes do you propose?”  Let’s try to ask the right questions and make better choices next time and elect leaders who not only have the wisdom and experience to lead, but also the courage to do so.  We need leaders who have an accurate vision of what our country needs, no more no less, and the character, integrity and will to stay within the bounds of our Constitution and perform their duties with good common sense, legal and  moral fibre.

The facts are:  The government reports there are about 23.1 million in the USA unemployed, up 7.44% from when Obama took office.  The reported 23.1 million is actually only about half of those really unemployed.  Another 25 million have just given up and are not getting unemployment and not counted anymore.

President Bush took office with an approximate national debt of $5.7 trillion and left office after 8 years with a debt of $10.7 trillion, or an increase of of just under $5 trillion.  Bush averaged an increase of $625 Billion per year.  Obama inherited the $10.7 trillion debt and in 5 years has run it up to $17.51 Trillion, or an increase of $6.81 trillion, an average increase of $1.36 trillion per year.  This is just over TWICE (2.19 times) the increase during Bush’s 8 years in office.

Gas prices and food prices have more that doubled in the past 5 years. Most of the necessities which a family really needs are not a part of the government’s cost of living index so this reported index is about as phony as the dollars we spend.  How much has your income gone up in the past 5 years?  Has it doubled?

Average family income has shrunk from $54,962 to $50,054, or -9.8% during the past 5 years.  But wait, Obama’s wealth has gone from $799,000 in 2008 to over $12,000,000+ now, an increase of just over 15 times or 1,500% during his vacation in office.  Several members of Congress, e.g., Nancy Pelosi has increased their wealth by about the same proportion.  How about you sport?  How much has your income and wealth gone up in the past 5 years?

The top 1/100th of 1% now have 12% of the Nation’s wealth.  The top 1/10th of 1% now have 28% of the country’s wealth and the top 1% now have 42% of the nation’s total wealth.  You’re in that top 1% Mr. President, and seem to have very little apathy for the other 99%.  You say you do, but your actions speak much louder than your words, and your promises mean nothing…absolutely nothing !!

A higher percentage of Americans are poor today than ever before, including during the Great Depression.  A higher percentage of people are unemployed today than ever before.  Forty-eight million (48,000,000), or almost 1 out of 5, will receive food stamps this year in the USA.  A higher percentage of elementary school students can’t read properly or accurately calculate a simple math problem than during the past 100 years.

When you figure in our current national debt plus the staggering future debt from  entitlements, (our obligatory debt) you will realize that there is no way we will ever pay off a $200+ trillion dollar debt.  After all, we only have approximately 160 million in the work force and that’s if everyone is working, and at that rate, EVERYONE would owe more than a million dollars as their part of the debt.  Now if that figure doesn’t scare you and cure any constipation you may have, I don’t know what will.

Oh yeah, one more thing:  America survives now because of the almighty petro-dollar, which is still the World Reserve Currency.  When other nations realize what I have just told you above, and they may have already and are just non-decisive and unresponsive so far, and stop buying our bonds… our debt… then we will truly be up that “up the proverbial creek!”  If and when that happens, then toilet paper will be worth more than our dollar bills.  OK, more on this subject later.

Obama, Congress and the 66 million people (dead and alive) who voted for you… you failed !!  Mr. President, you failed to keep you promises; You lied to us. You failed to uphold your sworn oath and the duties of your office and you failed to protect and defend the Constitution which you seem to want to ignore.  You have destroyed the faith that the American people had in you and our reputation as the leading democracy and protector of the World.  You (and we) failed and now we have a lot of rebuilding to do.  But we are Americans… we can do it… I hope. 

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