What is our government up to now?

What is our government up to now?  This is either a case of the Federal Government flexing it’s muscle and vindictively showing who is boss, or it is a smoke screen for something more important which is about to happen.  I suspicion that something is headed our way which most of us won’t like.  

I’m talking about the government’s rounding up and selling Cliven Bundy’s cattle in southeast Nevada.  Bundy claims his Bundy Ranch is grandfathered in with grazing rights that date back to before the BLM was created.  The BLM claims Bundy’s cattle are harming the Dessert Tortoise which are still on the “Endangered Species List,” even though there are reports that the tortoise population has increased to the point that some are being euthanized.

The BLM claims Bundy owes about $1.1 million in back grazing fees. Bundy claims he doesn’t.  The BLM plans to round-up and sell Bundy’s approximate 900 head of range cattle.  At an average market price of $800 per beef, the 900 cattle should gross about $720,000.  The round-up contractor will charge about $1 million to facilitate getting the cattle to market.  The several hundred BLM, FBI, armed soldiers, snipers and other law enforcement on site will cost an estimated additional $5 million, if indeed, it is settled by the end of this month.  So, our tax dollars paid out to execute the government’s dictates will total approximately $6 million and the sale of the cattle will reduce that amount by about three-quarters of a million.  So, this is about power and the probably money to be made by kicking Bundy off of this area so it can be used for other purposes.

Or, it may be a smoke screen to keep the media, aka, the White House communication and propaganda system, busy while something else slips by unnoticed or broadcasted to the public.  I haven’t seen the documents, the grazing rights that Bundy refers to, so I don’t know if he is guilty of breaking any laws or not.  If he is guilty, he should pay, but common sense should still prevail.  What I do know is that the Government is again, “Making a Mountain out of a Molehill,” which “We the People,” are going to pay for… and pay for… and pay for.

I will appreciate hearing from anyone who has more real knowledge and facts on this matter.  Thanks for reading this post and I hope you will start or continue following us on Jeffress.Com.

Chopper Rounding-Up Cattle

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