The Strange Disappearance Of Flight 370

A columnist (whom I won’t identify) and several other people have asked me to give my opinion regarding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 this past Saturday.  The Boeing 777 is a highly technically sophisticated aircraft and one of the most reliable aircraft in service, probably second only to the 787 and our newest military aircraft.  It has redundancy of backup systems, mechanical, electrical and communication, so it’s vanishing in thin air is very distressing.

My non-expert estimation and probability of the cause of Flight 370s disappearance is as follows:

1 – Aliens from the recently discovered and still unconfirmed planet “XZ317” orbiting the star Zanaropius intercepted the triple-7 and has taken it for research analyses of our species.  This is why there is no evidence of a crash nor will any debris be found, other than the possible dumped fuel facilitating greater safety and reduced load back to XZ317. –> Just kidding…this would have been more appropriate on April 1st.  🙂

2 – Terrorist planted explosives:  The plane was nearly totally destroyed by a large quantity of high explosives strategically-structurally placed by ground-crews prior to take-off and electronically detonated once the plane reached cruising altitude or by an onboard terrorist.  I think that if this is the cause of the destruction, then explosives were placed before take-off, or, that security is extremely lacking in Kuala Lumpur, whereby a large quantity of C4 or explosive could be taken onboard without detection.

3 – Pilot or Second Officer suicide:  One of the flight-deck crew, or less likely, another onboard pilot or air marshal who could have gained access to the cockpit, disabled the coms and controls and put the plane into a step dive resulting in high impact.  This was originally my thought on the cause of this disappearance, but I think that debris from the crash would have been larger and some of it discovered by now.  

4 – There is the possibility that the flight-deck crew or other crew members were able to bring on-board a sufficient quantity of high explosives and had the knowledge to place it so as to ensure sufficient damage to cause immediate and total structural failure of the aircraft.

5 – There is the possibility that Flight 370 was shot-down (demolished) by a guided missile, either from a terrorist group or as a test.  I leave to your imagination as to who might have committed this attack.  

6 – I feel that a catastrophic structural failure of this “state of the art” aircraft to the extent that no debris has been found is remote.  I just don’t see this as a viable possibility.

7 – There is the lesser possibility that some other event, un-envisioned at this time, caused this tragic loss of life.

Side Note:  The plane probably went down at high angle with great impact in the ocean, or possibly, it went down in a very remote, dense jungle without attracting attention of anyone, but this seems unlikely.  In either case, it may be sometime before the crash site and remains are found and the cause absolutely determined.  Maybe it would be good to think that my #1 cause above was actual, and we could hope that all onboard could be safely returned unharmed someday.  🙂  

Whatever the cause, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost in this tragedy.

140311-Malaysia Airline Flight 130 Path


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