The State of the Union

In about an hour, President Obama will speak to Congress and the people of our Nation in his annual State of the Union address as provided for in Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution.  He will tell us that unemployment is down, terrorism is under control, our troops are being withdrawn, the economy is improving, Affordable Health Care will soon be a reality, the Democrats will regain superiority in the House, that his regime is reshaping America and that everything is peachy-keen.

That’s great.  Now, if it were all true.  What he won’t mention is that nearly 59% of Americans disapprove of him and his actions as president, and that includes about 17% who get direct government assistance and nearly 50% of all households which receive some form of government assistance.

Now about promises:  On the plus side, Obama promised to “Change” America, and he has certainly kept that promise…but a little more on that later.  On the negative side, he promised, “That if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you like your plan, you can keep it too.”  How is that working out for you now? 

And then there is the Benghazi tragedy.   Ambassador Stevens had been requesting for greater security for at least 5 months.  Our government intelligence, military and the White House learned about the attack within a few hours of its onset and that it was an organized, deliberate attack.  “We the People,” were lied to and kept in the dark until well after the election.  The news media helped keep this under wraps for weeks at the government’s request.  During the Nixon years, when some staffers and supporters broke into a room in Watergate in 1972, all hell broke loose.  Nixon was eventually forced to resign 2 years later.  No one died and the course of the election was not significantly changed then.  But the Benghazi attack resulted in 4 deaths, was covered up by lies to the American people and it’s considered, “Not a big deal.”  “What does it matter?”  No one has been fired or even censured and Obama is still in office.  His attitude apparently is, it’s no big deal and not his fault… nothing ever is, but 4 people died.  Even if efforts could not have saved them, at least our President and our government could have claimed, “At least we tried.”  But instead, they lied !

President Obama is doing a great job as president…at least according to his agenda and that of his regime intent on imposing totalitarian socialism on all of us…except those exempted by his regime.  Hi will give a great speech tonight.  It will be good, but will it be right?

My biggest concern and displeasure with our current government and particularly our President, is not Obamacare, not our restricted economy, and not even Benghazi.  It is the fact that our President, the man who holds the most important and powerful position, not only in this nation, but in the entire World, has completely destroyed any faith, any confidence and any respect I have for him or anything he promises or even says.  This lack of confidence and respect for our leader, and for the Congress that feels threatened by his abuse of power, a power grab which no previous president has done, is my greatest concern and fear for America, and two-thirds on our nation feel this way.

So, will I watch the address tonight.  Yes, I guess I will.  Actually, I am not sure it won’t be against  some law not to, and I don’t want the NSA reporting to the “List Squad,” that I refused to watch.  We should all watch, listen and learn.

I hope you will watch also, and think about what I have said in the foregoing paragraphs and if… IF, you have the Wisdom and the Courage, then let others know… share this post… share your thoughts and opinions, share your wisdom and wants, needs and demands and be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem, in trying to regain some of the principles and our way of life, which once made our nation the greatest nation on earth.   Pleeeeeeeze… do your part. 

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140128-Obama, Big Ears-"I Hear You"

Can you hear him saying now? …….”I hear you, but I think I’ll do it my way.”–>

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