Please go to this Link–>  “The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History.”  Please watch and listen to it…all the way through (3 mins 28 secs).  Think about it and join and follow those of us who want to restore our American values to those which once made American the greatest nation on Earth.  If you agree with this post please share it with others and lets restore the pride in America we once had.  America was stronger during all or our terrible wars and the Great Depression than we are now.  We need “Change, but change for “the better.”  Please read: The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History

I have just returned from a month’s trip to Europe.  I visited several places and met many people.  What I learned on this trip disturbed me even more than trips in the past.  We Americans are not well liked anymore.  The main reasons are that they think we don’t support them or “have their backs” anymore…that we are weak and misled.  They have no confidence in our current Administration and think that we are so gutless as to allow our freedoms and our pride to be eroded and headed for extinction.  They do not understand why we seem to happily or stupidly become so government dependent and controlled by a dictatorial regime, intent on changing almost all of the values put in place by our founding fathers that once made us truly the greatest nation on Earth.  People who do like our government, do so because as our nation slips downward, their nation moves upward relative to ours, and they feel happier because there is less difference now.  We are descending to their level.

People overseas often think that I am Canadian by the way I speak.  I used to correct them.  On this trip I often chose not to and let them believe I am Canadian.  I felt better liked and less threatened, and that is really sad for me not to feel a duty and pride to stand up for my country.  That is damn sad for me.  I will give two examples here:  In one place where I was speaking with friends, I overheard a man at a nearby table say about me, “He’s just a fucking American.”  On a second occasion, when I left a store where I had purchased some juice, three young people approached and asked if I was American.  I nodded that I was and they spit at me.  I am still proud of my country, but it is frustrating and sad to realize that I am safer by not acknowledging my citizenship.

I just want, hope and pray that we may someday have the wisdom and courage to at least try to regain the freedoms we once had, restore the principles upon which our nation was built and elect leaders with integrity who support and defend our beliefs and our Constitution and that we will once again become a unified people of, “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

That is my hope, my dream, my prayer.  I hope that it may be yours too.  It’s up to you…all of you.  It is within our power to restore the freedoms, the security and the pride we once had, but it will take time, effort, wisdom, character and courage to do so.  It’s up to YOU.




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