I believe in gun control.  I believe in responsibility.  I believe gun owners should keep weapons secured against thieves, safely out of the reach of children and those not trained in their proper use.  I believe in gun control, including safe storage, proper maintenance and training, controlling one’s emotions while handling a firearm and absolute control over where it is pointed and where it shoots.  Gun control does require mental concentration and a steady hand.

I believe that convicted felons, arraigned terrorists and anyone legally certified mentally unstable or a threat to society should be barred from having a gun.  That does not mean I believe the government can declare all of us unstable if we disagree with their agenda and bar us from possessing a gun.

I believe in personal and responsible gun control…Not a federal government regime control.  That is precisely why our Nation’s founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment as they did, to protect, “We the People.” from any future dictatorial, totalitarian government take over.

If I were a dictator intent on controlling the people of a nation, I would try to:  Destroy their faith in God or their beliefs in a Supreme Being; Confiscate all weapons;  Reduce the military and particularly those in command; Impoverish the majority and make them government dependent; and Suppress any opposition.

Yes, I believe in gun control… And the duty to protect our rights to ensure that no one, within or without this Nation, messes with our Constitution and the Second Amendment.  I hope and pray that you agree and support this cause.  If the “good guys” are denied guns, only the “bad guys” will have them.  Think about it while you still have a choice.

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