Do you realize that if all 23 million unemployed in America today stood in a close, single file line, that it would reach from the northern most part of Alaska to the southern most tip of South America?  (See sketch below representing 1/10,000 of the line.)

Do you realize that if we packed stacks of dollar bills in railroad box cars, completely full, that a train of continuous box cars would extend from New York City to Topeka, Kansas in order to carry our current national debt?

Do you realize that at the expected rate of expenditure by 2016, that each and everyone of those 23 million unemployed standing in line (mentioned above) wound have to carry a million dollars to match the estimated national debt just four years from now?

We need to make a correction.  We need to fix this problem.  We need to find ways to cut spending or our Nation and our way of life as we know it will deteriorate.  That is a lot to realize.  That will require a lot of fixing.  That is something that you must require your elected leaders to realize and to fix.  Please do it now.

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