Today, 04 September 2012, is a special day… a milestone.  America’s national debt officially passed the “magic milestone,” the sixteen trillion dollar ($16,000,000,000,000) point today around 4 pm EDT.  I say “magic” because it will take some “mighty magic” to get us out of this disaster.  It won’t be the Republicans pushing the old lady over the cliff.  It has been Obama, a non-negotiating, non-functional Senate and House of Representatives, and past Administrations who have gotten us into this mess and are pushing YOU over the cliff.

There are about 160 million potential tax payers in the USA.  This year we may reach another milestone, where HALF of all household pay no federal income tax.  That leaves 80 million tax payers, and that divided into $16 trillion means each of you who pays taxes has a $200,000 share of the national debt.  For many of you, that is the largest debt you will owe, equal to or even larger than your mortgage.

Now America, don’t despair.  We will probably never pay this debt off.  We could if we stop spending more than we take in and reduce the “Dollar” value significantly, say by 50% or 75% of it’s current worth, and begin to reduce our debt with cheaper dollars.  But that means BIG inflation.  So, if you as a family, now earns, say for example, $100,000 per year, you will have to make twice or four times that much as the dollar goes down and inflation goes up.  Good luck with that.

Until recently, Americans have always been a benevolent, proud people, and self-sufficient people for the most part.  But now we have become a dependent people…a not so proud people anymore.  We can not afford to be as benevolent any longer.  It is not only unfair, but unrealistic to think that one half of the people can support the other half.  It is also unfair not to have a system where everyone has access to reliable health care and a good education.  The system has to be fixed so that a person can go to a clinic with bruised elbow and the cost will be less than $100, instead of going to the emergency room where it will cost $500 or more, just because she has no insurance.  We do need a new realistic, reliable and affordable health care system, but let me tell you….OBAMACARE IS NOT IT.  Have you even tried to read it?  If you haven’t, you should.

If our national leaders will just work cooperatively and effectively to serve the real needs of the people, cut out what I call governmental “CRAP,” (Costly Repetitive Activities and Programs), and reduce “BUGS,” (Big Unnecessary Governmental Staffs), and work in YOUR best interest, not theirs, then we just may have a chance at getting America back on its feet.  Vote for your Nation’s leaders as if your future and the futures of your children and grandchildren depend on their decisions and actions.  They do!

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