To my friends and followers:  Several of you have told me that I do not write much.  You’re right, I don’t.  I will try to do better in the future.  So, I and a friend will try something new…for us anyway.  We will collaborate and post questions (which we hope you may find interesting and even challenging), jokes and short stories (some of which you may have already heard), funny pictures of photos and other materials (that, hopefully, will interest you).  

These short pieces will be in addition, to the news articles, warnings, alerts and other pieces which I publish periodically.  When not original, credit will be given if the source is known.  I hope you will find these posts interesting, give you a few laughs now and then (laughing is good for facial muscles) and that you will respond to the quiz questions.  Winners will be announced every month 😉  

If you don’t like the posts…don’t read them.  If you do, your comments/feedback will be appreciated.  Thanks for reading, and may you be blessed with good humor, health and happiness always.

So, let’s get started

120901 – Picture:  Did you realize that in today’s modern world that marriage ceremonies are starting to have an added feature?

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