To date, the USA Olympians have won 100 metals in London; 42 gold, 29 silver & 29 bronze.  Congratulations to our Olympic teams.  Now to a less exciting, but more important topic:  Today we know who the “beat Obama team” is.  Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is a great choice and Ryan can also make a good President in the future.  Now the “team” needs about 70+ million friends and voters to help restore American and protect our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren from the looming $26 trillion national debt if we continue down the same path.  We need a new and better path, smaller, less costly government and for all people to play on the same level playing field and get a fair shake in life.  We don’t need to be further dependent on government.  We just need a fair chance to succeed and live a life with liberty and a chance for the pursuit of happiness.  See–>

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