Big Brother is watching you!  So you need to be aware and do nothing to get on the watched list, the no-fly list and certainly not on the kill list, or any other list.  That of course, will be difficult unless you do nothing, say nothing, write nothing or do anything that might piss off someone of authority and get you on the bad list.  Have you thought of what society will be like in a hundred or even twenty years from now….heck, even four years from now 😕  I like having AC and TV and my iPhone, etc., but I also liked the World the way it use to be not so long ago.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic, extremely negative or the gloom and doom wicked witch of the West.  I am trying to alert anyone who may read this article and not understand that “for the sake of security and quality control,” our liberties are being rapidly diminished and that your every move and action is about to be monitored.  Your telephone/cell phone calls and your emails are monitored, you are watched as you walk down the street in many places cities now.  Your credit card activity is monitored, your purchases recorded and your travels in your car can be tracked.

Some monitoring can be good of course.  If your car or your cell phone is stolen, it may be found.  Thieves can be identified and caught, which helps keep the cost of goods you buy down.  So there is some good to all this new “big brotherism.”  But remember if you scratch your ass, pick your nose or shop lift a candy bar, someone may be watching.

The new NSA Data Center approved by President Obama will be built about 20 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, will cost over two billion dollars and will be several times larger than the White House.  Billions… no, trillions of pieces of data will be stored there in the future.  So, unless you are a totally self sufficient hermit up in the hills, miles from nowhere, your files, your actions, your conversations will be stored in this mega Data Data Center.  Now, realizing that this article will become one of those “data files,” I will go no further, and only say two more things:  1- Watch what you do and say, because you are being watched, and, 2- I liked society and the World the way it use to be, even without my iPhone and huge TV screen.  Thanks Liberty.

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